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Most likely this is the most hardest for me video on my channel. Despite the title of the video is Eastern Front of the World War 1, I decided to include also Balkan front, Italian front and the part of Middle Eastern front (Caucasian front). This video will show the whole chronology of hostilities of the First World War in these regions on the map (every day, animation).

Eastern front of the WW1 (or Great War) is the second in order of importance for Germany and it was much more extended. The front in the east was much longer than that in the west. The theater of war was roughly delimited by the Baltic Sea in the west and Minsk in the east, and Saint Petersburg in the north and the Black Sea in the south, a distance of more than 1,600 kilometres (990 mi). This had a drastic effect on the nature of the warfare. While the war on the Western Front developed into trench warfare (Battle of Marne, Battle of Somme Battle of Verdun in France), the battle lines on the Eastern Front were much more fluid and trenches never truly developed. This was because the greater length of the front ensured that the density of soldiers in the line was lower so the line was easier to break. Once broken, the sparse communication networks made it difficult for the defender to rush reinforcements to the rupture in the line, mounting rapid counteroffensives to seal off any breakthrough.

Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip on 28 June 1914, a month later Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. German Empire at head of Wilhelm 2 declared war on Russian Empire on 1 August 1914, Austria-Hungary did it on 6 August 1914. Ottoman Empire also joined the Central Powers but 1914 was the year of victories for Russian army. Everything changed in 1915. By mid-1915, the Russians had been expelled from Poland, Lithuania, part of Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine during the Great Retreat. Battle of Osowiec became famous in this period. Brussilov offensive in 1916 was the sounding victory for Russia but it suffered very high casualties. It was the reason for February Revolution in 1917 after which discipline in the Russian army dropped dramatically, soldiers didn't want to fight. Bolsheviks at head of Vladimir Lenin took power in Russia during the October Revolution. They signed the humiliating Treaty of Brest with Central Powers in 1918 and Russia completely emerged from the war. Germany surrendered after the November Revolution eight months later, during that Russia was divided into several political camps because of civil war. Eventually Bolsheviks won and USSR was established in 1922. Treaty of Versailles between Germany and Entente was signed in 1919.

Almanac of World War I by David F. Burg, L. Edward Purcell
Invasion: The Conquest of Serbia, 1915: The Conquest of Serbia, 1915 by Richard L. DiNardo
Local region sites for the Russian civil war

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