World War 1 | Part 1 | 1914-1918 | Hindi Urdu

Today we will discuss the World War 1 Part 1 in Hindi Urdu from 1914-1918
The Great War (World War I) was a global conflict that lasted from 1914 to 1918.

It was fought between two major alliances: the Triple Entente (France, Britain, and Russia) and the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austro-Hungary, and Italy).

The spark that led to the outbreak of the war came on June 28th, 1914, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist, which led to the Austro-Hungarian Empire accusing Serbia of involvement and declaring war.

Russia, feeling obliged to defend Serbia, mobilized its army, which led to Germany declaring war on Russia and then France. Italy remained neutral, while the United States declared its neutrality. Britain, being France's ally, eventually joined the war against Germany when German troops invaded neutral Belgium.

The war was characterized by trench warfare along a 350-mile front line and the use of new weapons like submarines and machine guns. On the Eastern Front, the German army was successful at the Battle of Tannenberg and the Battle of Masurian Lakes, but the Allies managed to hold their ground at the Marne and prevent a German breakthrough at Ypres.

The British navy imposed a naval blockade on Germany with the aim of crippling its economy, but the submarine-launched torpedo and German U-boats posed a new challenge to Britain's naval dominance.

WWI kab hui thi? dosto world war one ki history bht zaida deadliest history thi. jis ma 2 gropus thy ak ka name triple entente tha r dosray ka name triple alliance tha. jis ma Russia, France, Britain empire/England, dusri janib austria hungry, germany, italy shamil thy.tu ap is video ma dkhy gye ham ny world war 1 ko animation sy explain kia hai.

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