Why Was The Italian Army So Useless During World War Two? #Shorts

Why was the Italian army so useless during World War Two?

Benito Mussolini, the father of fascism, had grand plans for Italy and hoped to create a new Roman Empire through military might. However, reality was disappointing for Mussolini. The Italian military during world war two was fairly useless, largely due to Mussolini's own policies. Firstly, a long and drawn out campaign in Ethiopia had weakened Italy's military and it was far from ready to go to war. However, Mussolini did not listen to his generals, declaring war far earlier for the sake of fascist principles. Mussolini also promoted people based off their loyalty rather than competency, leaving him surrounded by incompetent yes men. This led to bizarre decisions, such as offering almost no air support for the Italian Navy or pressing on with ambitious Invasions despite an obvious lack in military equipment.

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