Why was John the Baptist in the Wilderness? What was John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness?

Why was John the Baptist in the wilderness? Israel was at a crossroads, a time in human history when the Jewish people were plagued with condescension, where the elite looked down on the common people and judged people by their outward appearance.

If people went with the flow, did not rock the boat and go against the mob rule of the day, then everything was fine. If a person disagreed with what was happening, then the evil in the world rose up and tried its best to fight good.

John was preaching hope in the midst of chaos. Clarity in the midst of dissension. Repentance in a time when people were following their hearts, whatever a person felt like doing, that was fine, that was OK, as long as true Godly morality was not brought to the surface, then people were left alone, as long as it did not go against the demonic forces in control of the world...
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