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In today’s episode we will discuss who Jesus Christ is and where he actually came from.

The way we use religion today is an offshoot of what ancient Kemet used as spiritual awareness. Some Europeans who were educated in ancient Kemet, took a lot of their information shorten it and ultimately misconstrued it. We are here to share the ORIGINAL story of Jesus Christ. which was in Jesus, at all it was Heru. We hope that you can learn somethinghowever, we are not here to convert atheist into believers or believers and non-believers. We’re just here to give you another POV. (Points of view.)

We are also building a community of people who can feel FREE to have different discussions without judgment, or FEAR of ridicule. It’s time to start questioning the narratives that have been put before us. This is the only way. It’s time to break the shackles of the mind. It’s the time of the awakening, the time for knowledge and the time to let go of any BS. (Belief System) Beliefs are like booty holes everyone has one but TRUTH is undisputed, undebatable.

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