What If China Joined The Central Powers? | Alternate History

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During the Great War China is often seen as a sideline player or even just forgotten about. While it did eventually get involved in the conflict on the side of the Triple Entente later down the line, this brought it on the side of its rival of the day, the Japanese Empire. China also wasn't in a particularly fit state to fight a major war, nor did it see much it could do to contribute to a largely European conflict, especially when Japan had already swept up Germany's Asian colonies by the time it joined. Following the collapse of the Qing Dynasty China sought to establish a modern republic, but quickly found great difficulty in adapting old Chinese systems and customs to this new model. Industrialization had failed, factionalism and decentralization led China to fracture during the Warlord Period into several rival states and cliques, meanwhile Japan saw an opportunity to take advantage of China in this weakened state. But what if that changed? What if instead of join the triple entente, China joined the Central Powers alongside Germany even despite its own weaknesses? Could China have made a difference in World War One? Would the Central Powers have won with China's help? And if not, what would become of China for joining the losing side of the Great War? In today's alternate history video we answer that very question, what if China joined the central powers in WWI?

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Quick History of China and Japan
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6:02 What If China Joined The Central Powers?
10:40 Post-War Aftermath

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