What Did Mongolia Do in World War 2? | The USSR's Asian Ally 1936-1945

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While the Mongols and their famous leaders like Genghis Khan, Subutai and Kublai Khan are known for their martial prowess and tactical ingenuity, Mongolia is not counted among the major powers who fought in the Second World War. However, Mongolia, or the Mongolian People's Republic as it was known from 1921, played an important role in the Second World War as an ally of the Soviet Union. Together, the Soviets and Mongolians aided the Chinese in their struggle against Imperial Japan, as well as fighting off several incursions into Mongolia proper by Japanese and Manchukuowan forces. The most famous of these actions was the Battle of Khalkhin Gol, fought between May and September in 1939, this engagement could have resulted in a Japanese invasion and occupation of Mongolia and might have opened the road for a protracted war between Japan and the USSR. The Soviet/Mongol victory orchestrated by Georgy Zhukov, a future heavyweight in the Red Army's fight against the Germans, ensured that the USSR could focus all its manpower in the West rather than fighting the Japanese in the East at the same time. The Mongolian government was a key supplier of goods to the Soviets throughout the entire war and also sent some 16,000 troops to assist with the Soviet Invasion of Manchuria in 1945.

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