What Did India Do in World War 2? | Britain's Asian Superpower 1939-1945

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British India, today's India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, played a crucial role in the Second World War, supplying essential men and supplies to the Allied war effort, particularly in the South East Asian theatre of war with the defence and eventual liberation of Burma, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore against the Japanese. The British Indian Army also served during the East Africa and North Africa campaigns against the Italians and later the Germans as well as in the Middle East. Not everyone in India supported its involvement with the British in the war, the INC (Indian National Congress) under whom Gandhi, denounced Nazi Germany but said that Indians should not fight and die for a colonial power until it recognised their independence. Others still, such as Subhas Chandra Bose, actively sided with the Axis, and throughout the course of the war Indians served in the German Wehrmacht as the Indische Legion (India Free Legion), the Italian Army as the Battaglione India Libera and the Imperial Japanese Army as the Indian National Army. During the war in 1943, the Bengal Famine broke out, which killed between 2-3 million people in the northeast of the country and remains a point of controversy as one of the darkest hours of the British occupation of India.

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0:00 - Intro
0:41 - India Before the War
3:30 - The British Indian Army
7:38 - MagellanTV Ad
8:55 - Other Responses to War in India
10:35 - Indians Fighting For the Axis
15:37 - Invasions of India
16:33 - The Bengal Famine
21:13 - Outro

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