What can the West do if Russia attacks Ukraine? | DW News

The British Foreign Secretary has warned Russia of "severe consequences" if it attacks Ukraine. Liz Truss made the remarks before welcoming G7 counterparts to a weekend-long meeting in the English port city of Liverpool. Truss hopes the group of the world's richest democracies can show a united front against Russia, as the country appears to be massing troops along Ukraine's border. Russia denies it plans to attack.
Truss also warned against relying on Russian gas supplies - a shot at Germany, which may soon approve the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, despite widespread opposition. It's the first major meeting for Germany's new foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, whose own Green party opposes the pipeline. The government she's part of is more ambivalent. In a statement ahead of the summit, Baerbock spoke of the need to defend common democratic values and work together with likeminded countries. Germany takes over the G7 chair next year.
Meanwhile, Germany's new Chancellor Olaf Scholz has had his first call with US President Joe Biden since taking office. They discussed those tensions on the Russia Ukraine border. Earlier, Scholz was in Brussels for talks with European Union and NATO leaders, where again Russia's troop buildup was high on the agenda. Scholz said he wants to revive negotiations with Russia to deescalate tensions and avoid a military conflict.

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