Voivodeship Of Wallachia Invade Papal States | Medieval Kingdoms Historical Battle | 23,000 Units

Voivodeship Of Wallachia Invade Papal States | Medieval Kingdoms Historical Battle | 23,000 Units
Wallachia or Walachia is a historical and geographical region of Romania. It is situated north of the Lower Danube and south of the Southern Carpathians. Wallachia is traditionally divided into two sections, Muntenia (Greater Wallachia) and Oltenia (Lesser Wallachia). Dobruja could sometimes be considered a third section due to its proximity and brief rule over it. Wallachia as a whole is sometimes referred to as Muntenia through identification with the larger of the two traditional sections.
Wallachia was founded as a principality in the early 14th century by Basarab I after a rebellion against Charles I of Hungary, although the first mention of the territory of Wallachia west of the river Olt dates to a charter given to the voivode Seneslau in 1246 by Béla IV of Hungary. In 1417, Wallachia was forced to accept the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire; this lasted until the 19th century, albeit with brief periods of Russian occupation between 1768 and 1854.
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Voivodeship Of Wallachia
Papal States
Lower Danube
Southern Carpathians
Basarab I
Charles I of Hungary
Béla IV of Hungary
United Principalities
State of the Church
Italian Peninsula
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