Ukraine this is our land - Croatia stands with you - This is your land

To our brothers and sisters.
Klapa Sinj
From church walls the stone heads whisper,
The voice of Juraj, of Radovan: (Juraj the Dalmatian and Radovan, famous renaissance/medieval master builders and architects)
'This is our land'.
The ancient symbols speak, all the knots tied together.
The graveyards groan, so does the wind in cypress trees,
The graves of Croatian folk creak.
The resurrected hands of galley-oarsmen, of martyrs, cry out.
And the sea prays: oh patriots, oh virtuous Croatian men,
Let us rise from our doorsteps
And stand against the barbarians,
The barbarians from the East.
The verses of Don Marin ring, and Marul's voice resounds: (Marin Držić and Marko Marulić, famous renaissance poets and writers)
'This is our land'.
The centuries old heritage runs through our veins,
Tears that have turned dry,
Silence of our hushed history.

just replace Croatia with Ukrain and it is same thing we went throug
thanks for lyrics

original lyrics in Croatian: Jakov Dukić
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