Tres Grifería - Designed and produced in Barcelona

Founded in 1968, Tres is a family company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of bathroom and kitchen taps and other solutions for water use.

Present throughout the European market, the main factory located in Vallirana (Barcelona) and its subsidiary in Łódź (Poland) produce over 3000 different tap models in order to meet the needs of users by manufacturing products that are accessible to all, where design and user experience help to make responsible water use easier.

Its constant improvement of facilities, own manufacturing and technology applied to the product position Tres as one of the leading Spanish brands in terms of quality and service, from the development of the product to its use in customers’ bathrooms and kitchens.

To respond to users’ needs by manufacturing designer products to supply all market segments, helping people to use water responsibly and guaranteeing a good experience both of the use of the products and throughout the whole sales and post-sales process.

Intelligent design:
We think of design as much more than a pretty shape. The products must be functional (make life easier), aesthetically appropriate (fit into spaces with harmony) and manufactured from quality materials (which ensure efficiency and durability).

Satisfactory experience:
We want the user to have the best possible experience, both in terms of the product they acquire and the service during the purchasing process.

Exacting quality:
Permanent improvement of our facilities and manufacturing processes, and constant adaptation to new technologies gives us certifications and the capacity to offer products which guarantee the highest confidence.
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