Top 5 Most Underrated Battles of the Middle Ages - DOCUMENTARY

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Everyone knows about the battles of Tours, Hastings, and Crecy. But the medieval era is filled with many riveting battles that aren’t widely known among the general public. Today on Real Crusades History, we’ll explore five of the least well-known but most enthralling battles of medieval warfare. We’ll travel to Spain, the Crusades era in the Holy Land, the Mongol Empire, the domains of the Mamluk sultans and more. We’ll encounter a whole host of brilliant generals and courageous warriors, like Richard the Lionheart, the valiant King of England, Baibars, the fierce Mamluk Sultan, the warrior monks known as the Knights Templar, the swift horse archers of the Mongols, the soldiers of the Byzantine Empire and many more. Join me, J Stephen Roberts, as we count down the five most riveting but least celebrated battles of the Middle Ages.

Queen Isabel and the Conquest of Granada:

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