The Wonderful World of Sonic Fan Games - 30 Years of Fan Game History!

"The Wonderful World of Sonic Fan Games - 30 Years of Fan Game History!"

Chapters :-
[00:00] - Introduction
[01:47] - Fan Remakes
[05:05] - Original 2D Games
[09:18] - Fan Hacks
[13:12] - 3D Games
[17:44] - Fighting & Horror Games
[22:30] - Newgrounds
[23:32] - Early 2000s Games
[29:00] - 1990s Games
[33:43] - Famous Fan Game Makers

In this video I want to take you on a guided tour through Sonic fan game history. Starting in the modern era, I want to travel backwards in time, visiting some of my favourite (and some of the most important) Sonic fan games in history. Our ultimate goal is trying to figure out what the earliest known Sonic fan game might be.

Sonic fan games have changed a lot over the years. Nowadays we live in a bit of a 'golden age' of fan games, thanks to their generally high quality, but do you remember the heyday of Newgrounds or Sonic Fan Game's HQ? Games from the turn of the millennium left a huge impression on me but it's my honour to showcase (and take the mickey out of) some of my favourites.

A lot of the older fan games can be found on Archive.org or on here https://scaleyfoxy.weebly.com/, though you'll probably need to grab DOSBox or VirtualBox to run them as a DOS or Windows XP executable.

Music used in this video :-
- "Emerald Hill Zone Act 1" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 HD
- "Palmtree Panic Past" from Sonic CD (Japanese Soundtrack)
- "Gust Planet Zone Act 1" from Sonic 1 - The Next Level
- "Toxic Caves" from Sonic Generations
- "I'm Blue SEGA Chiptune Remix" by Meme Music (https://youtu.be/3LNIvkNOM5U)
- "Sonic Goes UG Mix" from Sonic Gems Collection
- "Studiopolis Zone Act 1" from Sonic Mania

A few game creators to follow :-
@UsagiDood - Sonic 95 Scrambled Eggs
@Restless Dipstick - Sonic the Fighters Blitz
@redhotsonic - Red Hot Sonic 2
@A+Start - Sonic Chaos
@Noah N Copeland - Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit
@Sonic's Gaming Hub - Sonic 1: Tokyo Toy Show Remake
@tripplejaz - Sonic Freedom
@Hiramatsu Jass - Sonic Overture
@Sonic Galactic - Sonic Galactic
@The Sonic Storm Channel - Sonic Storm

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