The Violent Path of Francis Ngannou | UFC Fighter Documentary (2022)

All UFC fighters sacrifice to make it to the octogone, but Francis Ngannou paid the biggest price of all.
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Things I cut out but still interesting:
- Francis built a house back home on top of the land where he buried his father. If building a house on top of the land where you buried the man you vowed to never become is not pure poetry, I don't know what is.
- The beef with his coach Fernand and coincidentally Ciryl Gane: felt silly to insert it after the man literally crossed the Sahara. Keeping it for the Gane doc.
1:00: How to Miss Your Childhood
2:37: Just Like Mike
6:24: A Desert Called Sahara
10:44: The Forest of Broken Hearts
12:12: Raiding the Fence
14:45: We Can't Breathe
18:49: Comme les Parisiens
22:15: No Turning Back
23:43: One Man Left Standing
26:25: What is a Man?
MUSIC (in order)
Penumbra - Hanna Parrott
Dust On The Ground - Emily Brimlow
The Light - Zachary David
Pulse - Eric Kinny
White Knight - Ryan Taubert
Ritual - Ryan Taubert
We Can't Breath - Future of Forestry
Bolingo Nanga - Francis Mercier (Nitefreak Remix)
Hold Your Breath - Astyria
We Wept By The Rivers of Babylon - A. Taylor
Enduring Hope - Daniel Deuschle
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