The US Fires WW2's Largest Caliber Gun Designed to Crack Japan

As the Allied forces pushed back the German and Japanese armies further into their own territory during World War 2, the United States War Department realized something had to be done to destroy the impressively resilient enemy fortifications that protected the war-torn areas.

The US had to deal with the seemingly never-ending Siegfried Line in Europe, and Japanese fortifications had proven almost impenetrable in the Pacific against US Navy naval gunfire.

The answer to their problem was the Little David mortar, also known as the Bunker Buster, a massive weapon that became the war’s largest caliber gun.

Footage from the US Army Pictorial Service filmed in 1945 shows how the 36-inch heavy mortar was assembled for action. By firing a shell of 3,600 pounds at a velocity of 1,250 feet per second, Little David lived up to its ironic name after leaving craters so massive they left all witnesses in awe…


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