The Trailer of The Apocalypse | The Fall of Europe - Alt. History of Europe 1933 | Chapter One

????︱SORRY FOR ALL MISTAKES! I did this episode very quickly, so you can finnaly watch it.
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????︱The Year is 1933. The horrible things start to happen. After Hitler's speech about "the true history of Europe", fascists decide to set up the alliance, called The Axis. Frightening things are also happening in Yugoslavia, where it is clear that a civil war is about to begin. For this reason, he contacts France. Meanwhile, in the east, Romania and Bulgaria form an alliance to save Europe, and Ukraine rebels against the USSR because of a great famine.
P.S. Sorry but I forgot to add the effects (the shade on the scren and the TV overlay) till the end of the video. I'll fix it in the next one.
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0:00 ????︱Faceless Beast
03:18 ????︱The World Burns Around Us
06:40 ????︱Convenant
10:45 ????︱Hierarchy
17:02 ????︱Hereafter
19:51 ????︱In the house, in a heartbeat (Oxcylice Remix)
21:27 ????︱Barka - Trap remix
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????︱The Fall Of Europe
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