The Nephilim of Ancient Europe and the Hidden History of the Norse Giants

@Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries - Researcher Stead Steadman examines the evidence through ancient writings and scriptures of the existence of giant humanoids throughout Norse history. Were the ancient giants and gods real or simply mythology. Stead delves into the ancient family tree in hope of better understanding the difference between myth and real accounts of ancient Norse Nephilim.

Nephilim Anthropology Conference (UK) was founded in 2013 by Pastor Parry, a British author best known for his literary work such as Caliban's Redemption and The Grammar of Witchcraft , as well as a collection of essays, Mount Athos Inside Me: Essays on Religion, Swedenborg and Arts, Nephilim Anthropology Conference (UK) is an annual non for-profit event aimed at educating public in areas of ( ancient mysteries, anthropology etc) and promote "Free Thoughts and Open Minds"

All Nephilim Anthropology Conference (UK) speakers have kindly donated their time and research in effort to raise funds for St Valentines Hall, Lambeth Borough of London.. Please Support this endeavour, by watching all the way, leave positive comments, share the links with friends and colleagues who are into the subject.
Follow Pastor Parry's work here - https://www.davidwilliamparry.com/

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