The History Of Faith Guitars & What Makes Them So Awesome - Body Shapes & Tone Woods Explained!

In this video, Meg takes a deep dive into the history of faith guitars one of the UKs most beloved and innovative acoustic guitar brands. If you've ever wondered how Faith Guitars came about, in this video Meg touches on its early creation and design with the legendary luthier Patrick James Eggle. Giving you an insight into the evolution of this fantastic guitar brand.

We also touch on Faiths commitment to sourcing more sustainable woods as well as an in depth look at all the different body shapes, models and tonewoods used across the series. If you have heard of Faith before but haven't ever looked into what makes this brand so unique then this video should give you some super useful insight into this awesome brand!

Shop all of the guitars mentioned in this video:
Faith Natural Venus - https://bit.ly/3HK7N1a
Faith Naked Venus - https://bit.ly/3Rm8uAN
Faith Naked Venus Cedar - https://bit.ly/3wFVWef
Faith Naked Mercury - https://bit.ly/3Jor61b
Faith Bloodmoon Neptune - https://bit.ly/3kXG3wN
Faith Bluemoon Neptune - https://bit.ly/3JxWnyV
Faith Nexus Neptune Electro - https://bit.ly/3kTVIgM

00:00 Playing Intro
01:10 Talking Intro
01:57 Patrick James Eggle and Faith
04:05 History of Faith Further Details
05:55 Naked Mercury Demo
07:09 Body Shapes Explained
09:15 Tonewoods Explained
10:15 Bloodmoon Neptune Demo
11:30 HiGloss + Bloodmoon Series
12:59 Bluemoon Java Mango
13:30 Mahogany Models
14:15 Lacquer Choices
16:18 Final Playing Demo
16:44 Outro

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