The Historical Origins Of The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Hi everyone this is the first episode in a two part series, named "The Russian-Ukrainian Brother War".
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#Ukraine #war #History
00:00 Intro
00:36 what is a Ukrainian
01:14 Rus history
02:01 Kievian Rus
02:41 Kyiv
03:08 Muscovite Russia
03:48 Polish influence
04:13 Ukrainian-Russian differences
04:39 Ukrainian Cossacks
04:54 Conflict begins
05:25 Ukraine in WW1
05:46 Ukrainian Nationalism
06:40 Ukraine and Geopolitics
07:27 Crimean War
08:13 West-Russia Conflict
09:16 Communism and Ukraine
09:48 Bandera
11:00 Russian Claims
11:15 Modern Ukrainian State
11:54 Summary
13:20 Support
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