The High Middle Ages (Part 2) - Lesson #8 of Introduction to Medieval History | Online Course

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In this week's unit, we will continue our exploration of the High Middle Ages. We'll examine the First Crusade and the beginnings of centuries of conflict between the Islamic and Christian worlds. The same wave of religious enthusiasm that the launched the crusades also resulted in an explosion of new Christians orders including the white monk Cistercians and the Knights Templar. Finally, we will also see the Islamic world, regroup and fight back, pushing the Christians out of the Holy Land under the leadership of the great leader Saladin.

The textbook for the course is Barbara Rosenwein's A Short History of the Middle Ages:
US Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3qIizf2
Canadian Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3xtQjk6
It's a great introduction to the Middle Ages and very easy to read with lots of great maps, pictures and primary sources.

For those who are interested (I am often asked by teachers), the microphone that I use to record my videos is the Blue Yeti USB microphone.
It's on the pricier side but a great investment. If you are serious about having great sound for your lectures, it is worth every penny.

1:10 Learning Objectives
1:35 Christianity in 12th century
2:21 The rise of the Seljuk Turks
5:07 Rise of the Seljuk Turks
3:31 The beginning of the First Crusade
6:12 People's Crusade and the persecution of Jews
8:13 Second wave of crusaders arrive in Holy Land
10:53 The beginning of the Crusader States
11:59 The Knights Templar
13:05 New religious orders: Cathusians and Cistercians
15:14 The Second Crusade
18:27 Rise of Saladin

In this online degree breadth course, Students survey the breadth of medieval history in Europe, North Africa, Anatolia and the Middle East spanning the late Roman period to the sixteenth century. Through integrated reading assignments, podcasts, videos and other media, students explore the major economic, political, social and religious developments that account for the shape of medieval civilization and its influence on subsequent centuries.

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