The Guitars of David Gilmour: A Short History

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I need to thank Jeff McErlain for writing and recording the intro/outro music for the video. Find Jeff here: https://www.jeffmcerlain.com/

And I need to thank Angus Clark for writing and recording the original music for the video. Find Angus here: http://www.angusclark.com/

Pink Floyd was the soundtrack of my early college years and beyond. Along with Mark Knopfler, and later Pat Metheny, David Gilmour is likely my greatest influence as a guitarist...or such is my hope at least.

And so with this new series this video needed to be made and a conversation with Jeff McErlain put it in my head to do it with his long time friend Angus Clark along for the ride. I think they did an amazing job emulating Gilmour's tones here.
I hope you like it.

Thanks for watching.
All the best,

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