The Fall of Rome - Lesson #2 of Introduction to Medieval History | Sheridan College Online Course

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HIST11474GD Introduction to Medieval History
Sheridan College

In this second video of the course, we'll explore the last centuries of the Roman Empire - one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. We'll assess the Roman legacy in law, culture and language which infuses our lives today. We'll see how Roman Empire struggled to maintain unity and cohesion in the last few hundred years of its existence and its eventual fall. We'll also explore the rise of a new religion - Christianity.

In this online degree breadth course, Students survey the breadth of medieval history in Europe, North Africa, Anatolia and the Middle East spanning the late Roman period to the sixteenth century. Through integrated reading assignments, podcasts, videos and other media, students explore the major economic, political, social and religious developments that account for the shape of medieval civilization and its influence on subsequent centuries.
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