The Evolution of British Army Uniforms Through History

'The Evolution of British Army Uniforms Through History'

The British Army is one of the world’s most experienced fighting forces. From Blenheim to Waterloo, from Balaclava to the Somme, it has played its part in the history’s most bloody conflicts. But as these troops executed Herculean tasks in the worlds harshest terrains, what were they wearing? How did epaulettes, sashes, pantaloons and wellington boots end up clothing British troops on the battlefield?

From primitive to protective, from efficient to downright extravagant, over the years, military clothing has both enabled and inhibited objectives, and the uniform we see today is the result of 400 years of spectacular trial and error.

History Hit's Alice Loxton was recently joined by Sophie Anderton, as they answer these questions through the secrets of the National Army Museum collection.

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