The DARK TRUTH about LORD and GOD | Who is GOD? | The Sacred Name Revealed Full Documentary

What is god’s name? Is it LORD, Jehovah, Yahweh, Adoni, or Yehovah? Is it even possible to know how to pronounce the holy name of god? In The Untold TRUTH about LORD and GOD full documentary, we will reveal the creator’s true Hebrew name. Before I came into Yahuwah’s truth, I was a Christian. Before I was a Christian, I was an atheist. Follow me on this journey and discover why the tetragrammaton was replaced with LORD, Adonai, and Elohim. In this documentary, we will discover why there is so much CONFUSION around the #sacredname of god. Learn the untold dark truth about why the true name of god was removed from the bible. Watch and learn why the sacred name of our creator was secretly banned throughout history. Did the Christians ban his name? Did the jewish community ban the Most High’s name? I answer these questions and many more in this bible documentary. I answer questions such as:

Is God’s name to holy to be pronounced?
Who is the creator
What is the Ineffable Name Doctrine?
Why God’s name is not Yahweh or Jehovah?
What is the Messoritic vowel point system?
What are the names of god and their meaning?
Who is Jesus?
Who is Hashem?
Are Christian Beliefs True?
Who wrote the Bible?
The tetragrammaton and why was it replaced with Adonai Elohim?
What are the 7 names of god?
Why #LORD and #God and titles?
What is god’s most sacred name?
Learn the true pronunciation of the Holy Name of God!
Who is Josephus?
Are Catholic Beliefs True?
Uncover the Sacred Name Of YHWH.
Learn how the Name of God was removed in the Old Testament!
Does god have a special name?
Why Yahuwah is the sacred name of god!
Is there a sacred name cult?
Are Jewish Beliefs True?
Why does god have so many different names?

And much, much more!

Here are the bible scriptures discussed throughout this documentary:

‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭17:29, 33-34‬ ‭
So they feared the Lord but also served their own gods, after the manner of the nations from among whom they had been carried away. To this day they do according to the former manner. They do not fear the Lord, and they do not follow the statutes or the rules or the law or the commandment that the Lord commanded the children of Jacob, whom he named Israel.”

Exodus 20:7 You shall not take the NAME of #YaHuWaH your Almighty in vain, for YaHuWaH will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Psalms 138:13 Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above earth and heaven.

Zechariah‬ ‭14:9‬
“The Lord will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and his name the only name.” ‭‭ ‭

Exodus 6:3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God(El) Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them.

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