The Curse of Oak Island: TOP 10 DISCOVERIES OF 2022

Check out all of the groundbreaking - and most viewed - discoveries from 2022, in this The Curse of Oak Island compilation.

Chapter 1 - BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY! FDR's Boot Uncovered?! - 2 seconds
Chapter 2 - DRAMATIC DISCOVERY During Final Excavation - 8:02
Chapter 3 - SHIPWRECK UNCOVERED During Deep Sea Dive - 18:39
Chapter 4 - Gary Uncovers a HISTORIC FIND on Lot 8 - 28:23
Chapter 5 - STUNNING REVELATIONS During Relic Analysis - 34:24
Chapter 6 - SHOCKING TEMPLAR CANNON Found in Portugal - 42:35
Chapter 7 - HIDDEN INSCRIPTION Linked to Knights Templar - 52:15
Chapter 8 - MONUMENTAL EVIDENCE Uncovered in the Swamp - 1hr 3 min
Chapter 9 - COMPELLING CLUES Found on Lot 8 - 1hr 9 mins
Chapter 10 - Major Evidence of Metallic Anomaly on Lot 8 -1 hr 15 mins

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"The Curse of Oak Island" follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina as they investigate the mystery of a buried treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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