The Congress of Vienna (Part 2) (1814 to 1815)

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Eric Hobsbawm, "The Age of Revolution, 1789-1848"
Adam Zamoyski, "Rites of Peace: The Fall of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna"
Richard J. Evans, "The Pursuit of Power: Europe 1815-1914"
Wolfram Siemann, "Metternich: Strategist and Visionary"
A. Wess Mitchell, "The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire"
Robert K. Massie, "Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War"
Adam Hochschild, "Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire's Slaves"
Harry Dickinson, "Public Opinion and the Abolition of the Slave Trade" | https://bit.ly/2XRMLJC
The History of Parliament: The 5th Parliament of the United Kingdom | https://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1790-1820/parliament/1812

"Past," by Nctrnm
"While She Sleeps (Morning Edit)," by The Lights Galaxia
"Mell's Parade," by Broke For Free
"Day Bird," by Broke For Free
"Thomas Neutrality," by Enrique Molano
"Infados," by Kevin MacLeod
"The House Glows (With Almost No Help)," by Chris Zabriskie
"Hallon," by Christian Bjoerklund
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