Temüjin | Alternate History of Europe and Asia | The Movie Ascendency

All of my four Temüjin episodes combined into one single video!
Unfortunately, I can't continue this series as my PC broke down in early 2021.
I'm sorry for that...
Nevertheless, enjoy the entire movie of my best series to date!

00:00 - 12:44 Dream
12:45 - 26:42 Equilibrium
26:43 - 44:27 Thrall
44:28 - 1:08:57 Antithesis
1:08:58 - 1:09:17 Outro

Twelve Titans Music - Who will remember me?
Samuel Kim Music - Ashoka Tano Theme (Mandalorian Version)
Samuel Kim Music - Darth Revan Theme (Medieval Version)
Dark Piano Music - Necromorph
Immortal Music - King of Sparta
Andreas Kübler - Is this Goodbye
Ramin Djawadi - For Cersei
Samuel Kim Music - Lord of the Rings Rohan Theme (Epic Version)
Ramin Djawadi - West World (Main Theme)
Ramin Djawadi - House Targaryen Theme
Adrian von Ziegler - Temüjin
Ramin Djawadi - House Greyjoy Theme
Ramin Djawadi - Jon and Daenerys' Sad Love Theme
John Williams - Anakin's Dark Deeds
Ramin Djawadi - Lord of Light
Ludwig Göransson - A Friend
Audiomachine - Nevertheless, She Persisted
Secession Studios - The Immortalist
Secession Studios - Mythical and Mighty
Twelve Titans Music - Bound by Purpose
John Paesano - Mass Effect: Andromeda - A Better Beginning
Samuel Kim Music - Emperor Palpatine Theme (Medieval Version)
(The music belongs to their rightful owners)

This video is not meant to be realistic.
It's not supposed to offend or propagate any ideology, nationality or religion.
It's just for entertainment, don't take it seriously.
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