Taurus In The Gospels #8

Support our project to translate the "Book of the Law" into English and Ancient Ibaryath (the original Paleo Hebrew). We will remove all deceptive wording and insertions used to push religious doctrines, or hide our Nationality, condition, or the history of the House of Yasharala (ancient Israelites). These "edits" injected by Bible translators are called Jeremiah 8:8 occurrences. We will remove them all. There is no excuse for the House of Yasharala to not have our own translation of the "Book of the Law" right now. Failure to support our project represents your consent to continue to be severely punished by our enemies, thereby, making your enslavement a choice.

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Ibaryath Recommended Book List:
1. The Dr. Yasapa Yachaanan Ibaryath, Aramaic and English Verbal Roots Lexicon: https://zionlawschool.org/product/the...

2. 911 Ibaryath Rescue | Ancient Phoenician Paleo Hebrew (International Edition).
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3. I Can Read | Introduction to Phoenician Hebrew Volume 1

4. I Can Read | Biblical Phoenician Hebrew Deuteronomy 28:1-14 Volume 2 (The Blessings).
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5. I Can Read | Biblical Phoenician Hebrew Deuteronomy 28:15-29 Volume 3 (The Curses).
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6. Phoenician Hebrew 101: The Ten Commandments
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7. Animals In The Bible
(Full color and glossy images for babies to adults).
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FREE PDF Downloads:
1. The Gospel Zodiac - The Secret Truth About Jesus by Rev. Bill Darlison

2. Volney's Ruins (also called, "Meditation on The Revolutions of Empires")

3. The Devil's Pulpit By Rev. Robert Taylor:

The Devil's Pulpit:
Based on lectures he gave in the early 1800s that were published in book form in 1857, the Rev. Robert Taylor exposed that Christianity is occult astrology and that Jesus Christ never lived but that Jesus is the SUN (astrotheology). As punishment for revealing this Masonic Secret, he was jailed and labeled a "devil", hence the title of the book, "The Devil's Pulpit". He reveals prominent church fathers' own writings, linguistic (philology), and astronomical (astrological) facts and evidence to prove his claims. Join us as we read, explain, and discuss this bombshell book from a literary, non-theological, point of view and discuss how it affects and relates to our lives today.
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