Tanzania Independence in 60 seconds

Initially a colony of Germany, The United Republic of Tanzania attained independence from Britain on December 9, 1961, under the leadership of Julias Nyerere.

Germany colonized the region as German East Africa in 1891.Following the defeat of Germany in WW1, Tanganyika was handed over to the British under a League of Nations Mandate.

With time, various independence movements emerged, such as the Tanganyika Africa National Union (TANU), headed by Julius Nyerere. Support for TANU among the African population increased as disgruntlement with colonialism, and nationalist sentiments grew, leading to popular protests and riots.

As a result, the first Legislative Council elections with Universal suffrage were held in 1959, and TANU and its allies won all the elective seats. Following another election in 1960, Julius Nyerere was elected the country’s first Prime minister leading to independence the following year

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