Spirit of Europe Origins - INTRO - teaser

Spirit of Europe - Origins is an edutainment video game that takes players through historical events in the form of a spirit.
In order to play it, you must follow a 2-phase procedure described here: https://thespiritofeurope.eu/mod/page/view.php?id=19.

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1689280/Spirit_of_Europe__Origins.

Explore the realm of thoughts and emotions, fight demons, inspire edifices, possess any character, and make sure history follows its course!

The Spirit of Europe - Origins follows the story of Europe, throughout some key historical periods: Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire, Migration Period, The Viking Age, Middle Ages and Renaissance.

● Free;
● Historically accurate educational content;
● Two realms: the spirit realm and the material one;
● Possession system, allowing you to take control of any NPC;
● Economy and building system used to upgrade and recruit units;
● Disciples II-inspired, tactical, turn-based combat;
● A deeply philosophical, fictional story-line involving gods, virtues, vices, concepts and thoughts, manifested as spirits;
● Over 15 hours of gameplay;
● 58 combat units with over 50 unique abilities;
● Over 240 NPCs to interact with, from ancient Greece to the 12th century European Renaissance;
● 13 unique maps offering over 20 quests;
● Possess & explore the world with over 240 characters, from mere commoners to great figures of European history.

Descend the pits of time and light the beacons of change!
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