Soviet tank BT-5 1941 WW2, combat data of tank of the Red Army and history in WWII, paper tank model

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--- You can download the files for printing the paper tank easy from the link below, in the attached commentary, there is also a Pintarest button on the banner of the "Free Models" channel (main page), rights reserved for all models !!!

--- This video is about assembling and gluing a paper tank destroyer model kit Hetzer, I called this model " Soviet tank BT-5 1941 WW2, The combat data of the tank of the Red Army and history in World War II, paper tank model ". The BT 5 Red Army World War II tank model making in the form of A4 sheet for printing on a regular color printer, you can also say that this is a cardboard tank DIY, if the paper is thicker, but I do not advise, it is better to use thin office paper. The bt 5 tank model kit or the paper panzer model are classified as DIY or Homemade tank papercraft, the paper tank model easy to cut and glued, the tank model is painted in the Inkscape vector graphics editor.

--- BT-5 tank 3D model. Soviet light tank BT 5 of the Red Army of the 30s and the first years of World War II. The BT 5 tank was created as a modification of the light Soviet BT 2 tank, which in many details is a copy of the M1931 tank, which was developed by the American engineer John Walter Christie in the late 1920s. BT 5 was part of a series of Soviet "fast tanks" designed to attack the rear units and reserves of the enemy army, this idea was the Soviet military doctrine of "rapid war on enemy territory". The undercarriage of the tank was wheeled-tracked, which meant that the tank could move both on tracks and on wheels. The BT 5 tank was considered in the Red Army as a good tank with reinforced armor and powerful weapons, capable of moving quickly on any roads. Tank weight 11 tons, armor thickness 13 mm, 12-cylinder gasoline engine M 5 or Liberty capacity of 400 horsepower, maximum speed 52 on tracks and 72 on wheels, climbing angle 37, overcome ditch 2 meters, ford 1 meter, armament, 45 mm cannon 20-K version 1937, number of ammunition 115, effective range of fire against light tanks 2000 meters, 1 DT machine gun, crew of 3 men, driver, loader and commander-gunner. In the summer of 1941, the BT 5 tank could be compared with the German Panzer 3 tank, only the BT 5 was faster and had a more powerful cannon, but it did not have a radio station, as on a German tank. It was this BT 5 paper tank with the number on the turret 221, which was part of the 109th division of the Red Army and fought in the first days of summer battles by German troops on the territory of the USSR, most likely, the tank was destroyed in battle, like many other Soviet light tanks. You can also glue this tank out of paper, the link to the video on gluing the tank model and the link to download the model template for printing can be found in the comments under the video, enjoy your creativity.

--- Scale 1х35, printing on ordinary A4 sheet (size 210 × 297 mm), on a color printer. When printing on other sheet sizes, do not disturb the aspect ratio of the picture, otherwise the measurements will not coincide, the size itself can be changed.

--- You can download the files for printing a model by clicking on the "Free model" on the main page of the channel (banner), or by clicking the link in the attached comment below. All models are on my Pintarest.

--- When gluing, use glue for wood and rubber products (brand is not important), ordinary paper glue will deform the paper !!!
The specific link to the paper bt tank model tank template is below in the pinned comment !!!


This paper tank easy will be of interest to those who are fond of paper modeling, modeling military equipment and paper tank model of the Second World War, cardboard tanks, looking for schemes of paper tanks in pdf format for printing on a printer, on my channel "Paper Army" you will also find a model Tiger paper tank, Sherman paper tank, T-34 tank, German SDKFZ 251 armored personnel carrier, you can use the video on assembling paper models of armored vehicles to independently assemble homemade paper models of WWII tanks, paper tank models free download and also learn the history of WWII tanks and armored personnel carriers from a video with an overview of each model.
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