Southeast Asia during WW1 ???????? ???????????????? The Great War in Asia

Southeast Asia during WW1: serving the Entente powers, Thailand, (French Indochina) Cambodia and Vietnam helped win WW1.

▶️ French Indochina entered WW1 on the side of France and sent combat troops and labourers to the western front. This brought forces from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to many battles in France and the Balkans. The Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) entered WW1 upon its own accord as it was not a colonized.

▶️ Vietnam sent over 90,000 men to France during WW1 consisting of 5 combat battalions,15 transit battalions, colonial medical staff and colonial labourers.

▶️ Cambodia sent the 21e Bataillon de Tirailleurs Indochinois cambodgiens to the frontlines in France.

▶️ The Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) sent the Siamese expeditionary corps, the Army Air corps, the Army Combat Vehicle Corps and a Medical platoon

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