Selma Zilic - Let's Make Oil Europe's History

Selma grew up in Tuzla, an industrial city with heavy pollutants, a large power plant, and chemical industry. However, her fascination with nature was her ultimate career calling. Years later, Selma will end up in Sweden, working at Northvolt, developing and producing innovative green lithium-ion battery technology.

Selma and her colleagues from Northvolt are on a mission to establish a supply of sustainable batteries in Europe with an 80% lower carbon footprint and enable the future of energy. With Northvolt building one of Europe’s largest industrial production complexes, powered by a local hydroelectric plant in northern Sweden (over 500,000 square meters), the future of green production looks very promising. ????
Futures Leaders Summit (FLS) gathers future STEM leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina. By establishing an event that will annually gather prospective change makers in the field of STEM, we aim to create a strong network that will change the way we perceive the industry and the future of our country's development.

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