Rome In 60 Seconds ???????? #rome #italy #shorts

Rome is a magnificent city, with centuries of history and endless attractions for tourists. The most famous and iconic places in Rome are the Colosseum, the Pantheon, St Peter's Basilica, Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and Spanish Steps. The Colosseum is an iconic ancient Roman gladiatorial arena, where thousands of people would have watched highly rated contests between fighters and animals. The Pantheon is the landmark Roman church and historic tombs, withbeautiful 15th-century frescos. The Vatican Museums are home to many of the world's most famous paintings and sculptures, including Michelangelo's iconic painted ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. The Renaissance art treasures in the Vatican Museums are simply breath-taking. The Spanish Steps are another iconic attraction in Rome, with a fantastic baroque stairway leading up to the Piazza Navona, an elegant square with a fountain and many amazing bars.
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