Roman Religion Before the Greeks - Ancient History DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals' historical animated documentary series on the history of Rome continues with an episode on the Roman religion before the Greeks, as we talk about the religious traditions of Rome before the Hellenic influence took over.

What Happened In Rome After Caesar's Assassination:
Battle of Mutina:
Octavian and Antony: the Monsters:
Caesar in Gaul:
Caesar against Pompey:
How Caesar Won the Great Roman Civil War:
What Happened In Rome After Caesar's Assassination:
Medieval Battles:
Roman History:
Rise of the Vandals:
Marcus Aurelius:
Milvian Bridge:
Origins of the Germanic Tribes:
Julian and battle of Strasbourg: Arminius:
Cimbrian War:
How the Fall of Rome Transformed the Mediterranean:

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Script: David Muncan
Animation: Lucas Salatiel
Illustration: Lucas Salatiel
Narration: Officially Devin (

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