Rethinking Liberal Europe. Ideas of Europe and Notions of Freedom between 1848 and 1945, 3

Rethinking Liberal Europe. Ideas of Europe and Notions of Freedom between 1848 and 1945. XIII Annual Conference of the Research Network on the History of the Idea of Europe. Organizers Fondazione Luigi Einaudi onlus Turin; Stiftung ReichspräsidentFriedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstätte, Heidelberg; Institute for the Study of Ideas of Europe, University of East Anglia; supported by Villa Vigoni e.V., German-Italian Centre for European Dialogue. Scientific & Organizing Committee Matthew D'Auria (University of East Anglia); Fernanda Gallo (University of Cambridge); Florian Greiner (Stiftung Reichspräsident-Friedrich-EbertGedenkstätte Heidelberg); Christiane Liermann (Villa Vigoni); Federico Trocini (Fondazione Luigi Einaudi); Jan Vermeiren (University of East Anglia). Conference venue: Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino.
Panel 6: The struggle against antiliberalism II: Interpreting liberal Europe in the interbellum. Chair: Christiane Liermann. Paola Cattani, T. Mann, P. Valéry, J. Ortega y Gasset and Democratic Liberalism: from Criticism to Defence; Cristina Blanco Sío-Lopez, Salvador de Madariaga and the ‘Solidarity of Being’: Echoes of an Imagined ‘Free Movement of Persons’ from Interwar Europe; Aleksandra Tobiasz, Europe between Asian Past and Latin American Future? Retrospective and Utopian Ideas of Europe in Writings of Sándor Márai and Stefan Zweig, Matthew D’Auria, European History and the Unfolding of Freedom? Some Thoughts on Benedetto Croce and Federico Chabod’s Ideas of Europe. Panel 7: Building a new Europe - The difficult rebirth of liberal Europeanism in and after the Second world war. Chair: Georgios Giannakopoulos. Marcello Gisondi, The Common Man’s Front: a Liberal Populist Vision of the United States of Europe (1943–1948); Andrea Pinazzi, Luigi Einaudi and European Unity: between Federalism and Functionalism. Final Round Table and Concluding Remarks. Chair: Cathie Carmichael. Christiane Liermann, Stefano Montaldo, Giuseppe Sciara, Edoardo Tortarolo, Alessandra Venturini.
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