Rebellious Revival // Supernatural Results // Jonah 3 // Bianca Olthoff

Has God called you to the impossible? Join Pastor B today as she discusses the book of Jonah Chapter 3 and why we Obedience + Anointing always leads to supernatural results. So get your bible ready and open up to Jonah chapter 3 to follow Jonah’s story.

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00:00 - Intro
05:13 - Rebellious Revival
06:36 - Jonah 3 God Came to Jonah a 2nd Time
13:10 - Following God is Rarely the Easy Route
23:15 - Obedience + Anointing = Supernatural Results
30:02 - 5 Words to Change a Life
31:54 - When We Obey God, We Get Supernatural Results

Scriptures Mentioned:
Jonah Chapter 3 Verse 1-3
Jonah Chapter 3 Verse 4
Jonah Chapter 3 Verse 5-9
Jonah Chapter 3 Verse 10


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