Ranking Every 2021 Costume Drama on Historical Accuracy || "Ancient" - 18th Century

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Jimmy Johnson (@littlewelshviking)
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Cheon-Shik Yang (@Yang_Cheon_Shik)
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Gigi Coulson (@labelladonnahistory/@reenactorsofcolor)

Vittoria Pipino

Álvaro Corral (he/him), @alvaroccid
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Betsy Schugar
Heathcliff McLean

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[1] Giovanni di Paolo, Giudizio Universale, Dettaglio Predella Madonna Col Bambino E Santi, 1460-5, Siena, Pinacoteca Nazionale, https://bit.ly/322Sy1d.
[2] Giovanni di Paolo, Paradise, 1445, Tempera and Gold on canvas, Transferred from Wood, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, https://bit.ly/3DZyGZN.
[3] Probably by Fra Angelico, The Dominican Blessed, 1423-4, Egg Tempera on Wood, London, The National Gallery, https://bit.ly/3GOlgS9.
[4] Giovanni di Paolo, Giudizio Universale, Dettaglio Predella Madonna Col Bambino E Santi, in Judith C Brown, Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy, (New York U.A.: Oxford University Press, 1986), https://bit.ly/3oVOgRU.

0:00 - Introduction
1:39 - Explanation of Tiers
3:46 - Word of Honor
4:46 - The Beforeigners (Season 2)
6:18 - Domina
7:55 - Britannia
9:22 - The Green Knight
11:17 - River Where the Moon Rises
12:55 - The Sword and the Brocade
13:53 - The Last Duel
15:24 - The King's Affection
17:28 - Leonardo
18:55 - Anne Boleyn
20:08 - The Jungle Cruise
21:40 - Song of Youth
22:45 - Discovery of Witches (Season 2)
24:56 - Kingdom: Ashin of the North
26:37 - Benedetta
28:31 - Coven of Sisters
30:49 - Fear Street 1666
31:56 - The Cook of Castamar
33:54 - The Great (Season 2)
34:46 - Conclusion
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