Ranking 2022 Historical Movies & Shows on Costume Accuracy

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Nami: @NamiSparrow https://www.instagram.com/namisparrow/
Angela Jaarma
Zac Evan: @ZacharyEvans (For a full review on Medieval, see his video: https://youtu.be/kpeoVpxROoI )
LaKase Cousino: @theseeliecrow IG @lakasecousino https://www.instagram.com/lakasecousino/
Gigi Coulson: @historicalitaly IG @labelladonnahistory https://www.instagram.com/labelladonnahistory/ @costumersofcolor https://www.instagram.com/costumersofcolor/
Cheon-Shik Yang: @Cheon-Shik_Yang IG @yang-cheon-shik https://www.instagram.com/yang_cheon_shik/
Ruohan Song: IG @caterpillar_in_a_dress https://www.instagram.com/caterpillar_in_a_dress/
Cheyney McKnight: @NotYourMommasHistory IG @notyourmommashistory https://www.instagram.com/notyourmommashistory/
Maria Maranan. (Books referenced: Coo, Stephanie. Clothing the Colony: Nineteenth-century Philippine Sartorial Culture, 1820-1896. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2019.
Higgins, Mark Lewis and Gino Gonzales. Fashionable Filipinas: An evolution of the Philippine national dress in photographs 1860-1960. Makati City: Slim’s Legacy Project Inc., 2015.)

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:22 Explanation of the tiers
00:04:07 A word from NordVPN
00:05:16 Romulus II
00:06:51 Three Thousand Years of Longing
00:07:41 Barbarians
00:09:56 Blót
00:11:34 The Last Kingdom
00:13:02 The Northmen
00:15:02 Ponniyin Selvan
00:16:53 The Tragedy of Macbeth
00:18:15 Vikings: Valhalla
00:19:54 Nayika Devi: The Warrior Queen
00:21:34 Samrat Prithviraj
00:22:51 Apteeker Melchior
00:24:27 Catherine Called Birdy
00:25:18 Medieval
00:27:04 Heirs to the Land
00:28:36 Rosaline
00:29:57 Margrete: Queen of the North
00:31:41 The Sandman
00:33:15 King of Tears Lee Bang Wong
00:35:20 Royal Feast
00:37:40 The Lost King
00:39:00 Sin Límites
00:40:35 Becoming Elizabeth
00:41:55 The Serpent Queen
00:43:27 Diane de Poitiers
00:44:14 The Witchfinder
00:45:41 Hocus Pocus 2
00:46:49 Cyrano
00:48:06 Aníkúlápó
00:48:53 Our Flag Means Death
00:50:11 The Highwayman: The Legend of Dick Turpin
00:51:20 Under the Queen’s Umbrella
00:53:08 Il Boemo
00:53:58 Marie-Antoinette
00:55:03 Outlander
00:55:55 Dangerous Liasons
00:57:08 Prizefighter
00:58:30 Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils
01:00:24 Persuasion
01:01:45 Bridgerton
01:03:01 Mr Malcolm's List
01:04:26 Sanditon
01:05:17 The Woman King
01:06:54 The Pale Blue Eye
01:07:39 Dodger
01:08:39 Gentleman Jack
01:10:41 Emily
01:12:51 Redeeming Love
01:14:22 The Empress
01:15:10 The Wonder
01:16:03 Around the World in 80 Days
01:18:11 Corsage
01:19:04 The Cursed
01:20:16 Miss Scarlet and the Duke
01:20:53 The Gilded Age
01:22:30 Maria Clara at Ibarra
01:24:11 Enola Holmes 2
01:25:01 Bloody Heart
01:26:22 The Drover's Wife
01:27:17 The Essex Serpent
01:27:57 1899
01:28:42 Walker: Independence
01:29:51 La Dama Velata
01:30:19 Cabinet of Curiosities
01:31:28 Against the Ice
01:32:26 Life After Life
01:33:00 Pachinko
01:35:12 Interview with the Vampire
01:36:03 Les Combattantes
01:36:35 Ghosts (UK)
01:37:15 Concluding thoughts
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