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I'm ProverbsGuy OFFICIAL, a defender of Christianity and the Bible. Also, I'm the host of the ProverbsGuy OFFICIAL YouTube channel. I'm passionate about my faith and mission. Every Christian has the same mission, to bring souls to Christ Jesus. Our heavenly Father has been so good to us that He helped us by providing His children with talents and gifts that can be used to win souls. We're each blessed with different attributes of our Father in Heaven. I was blessed with a heart for loving people. Wanting to love people enough to help encourage them to do better when they're living in sin and to help encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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We'll be hosting LIVE stream shows where you can come on and express your own religious views with us. We welcome atheists that wish to discuss the differences between Creationism vs Evolution.

Our mission is to build up the body of Christ Jesus, win more souls for the kingdom, and get people into the word. The Bible is the foundation of our faith. We need to be grounded in it. We need to read our bibles as often as possible. How else can we understand context? Without context, we miss most points in scripture.

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