Postcards of History Podcast - Royal Italian Army with Tyler Wear

Learn more about the Salerno Brigade and their work at their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=salerno%20brigade%20ww1%20living%20history
or check out their website here: https://brigatasalerno.wixsite.com/brigatasalerno

Thank you for tuning into the first episode of the "Postcards of History Podcast" (hopefully I can come up with a better name in the future). I hope you find something interesting and stick around for more in the future. I had a great time making this, and it was not as heavily edited as some of my other videos, making it an easy project. Please leave any thoughts for improvement in the comments section, and once again, thank you!

Check out the accompanying article on the Postcards of History Website: http://postcardsofhistory.com/index.php/2022/10/02/postcast-ep1/
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