Portugal Day 2

Portugal Lisbon Day 2:
Today I was walking for 7.5 hours so I had seen a lot of Lisbon! I started my walk at 8 in the morning from the area close to my hostel along the Baixa area. 2 lovely squares : Praca do comercio and Rossio square both surrounded by by some of the grandest buildings before the major earthquake of 1755.
One of the top 3 things to do in Lisbon is to visit the hilltop castle of Castelo de Sao Jorge that gives you stunning views of Lisbon old city and the river. Small tip go early in the morning 9ish you get the sun in the right position and no lines for tickets. Portugal first King Alfonso Henriques build the castle back in 7th century. The esplanade is one of the main rewards of a climb up to the castle offering views of the river and the lower city. Castelo de Sao Jorge cost 10€ but worth the climb and the money. If you want to see Lisbon from high above that's your view point plus you learn a bit about the history.
From the Castle Hill I move down to an area call Aflama, through a maze of medieval traffic free narrow streets and I end up in the "thieves market . Yeap thats how they call it very alive , busy and lots of great coffee shops to chill around. FYI Lisbon is not flat! It's all hills and steps so be prepare to do some exercise. The view point by The church of Santa Luzia over the Alfama area and across the river.
By midday I left behind me the old city center and I kept walking along the river Tejo to reach the so call Golden Gate Bridge of Europe! This steel suspension bridge similar it's design to Sam Francisco's GG bridge , this bridge is just over 1km long which made Europe's longer bridge when it open in 1966. It's been named 25th of April for the Carnation revolution in 1974. You can't cross it on foot, only cars and trains, but perfect spot for lunch under the bridge. Leaving behind me the 24th April bridge I continue walking along the river Tejo passing though historic squares, monuments and gardens.
By 3 o'clock I reached the western part of Lisbon and the historic Tower of Belem. A jewel of the Manueline architecture style, combining Moorish, Renaissance and Gothic elements. It was a defensive tower the was build in 1514. Belem means Bethlehem and the name it's taken from a chapel dedicated to st Mary of Bethlehem. By 4:30 I had a quick stop while I was still in western Lisbon to the monastery of dos Jeronimos. It houses the tomb of navigator Vasco da Gama who in 1947 sails from Belem to his voyage to India , rounding the Cape of good hope. Another architecture jewel of Portugal.
Lisbon is build over a series of hills facing the river Tejo. One of the most iconic trade marks of Lisbon are it's funiculars passing through busy neiporhoods and steep hills. Probably the most iconic the funicular da Bica. I finished my day by catching the sunset from 2 great view points in Central Lisbon, with local street artist with live music and good vibes. ???? what a day !
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