Patrick James Eggle Interview - Renowned Faith Guitars Designer!

Meg sits down to chat with renowned luthier Patrick James Eggle to discuss his guitar-building experience, history with Faith Guitars and his philosophy behind creating some of the world's best acoustics.

Patrick has been designing and building guitars since he was 14 years old, and has a strong affiliation with Faith Guitars. He has designed and refined countless Faith models over the years, and is now helping them celebrate their 20th anniversary with some beautiful new Limited Edition Legacy models, which we take a close look at.

With a sneak peek into Patrick's workshop in Oswestry, this is a must-hear conversation for fans of all things acoustic!

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00:00 Intro - Patrick's Guitar-Building Roots At 14 Years Old
03:46 Venture Into Electric Guitars And The Origin Of Faith Guitars
06:37 The Faith Solid Wood Ethos
08:11 Finding Tonewoods That Work
10:58 The New 20th Anniversary Models
15:17 Final Thoughts & Anything Exciting Coming Soon..?

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