Paris trip: day 4! #Versailles #Palace #AllGoldEverything #Art #Architecture #Sculpture #Renaissance

Day 4 of Paris: Versailles edition. Feeling like the renaissance period in my life, I needed to show some beauty in the dark ages. For all my art buffs, be prepared to be ooh’ed and ahh’ed like me! I love art, architecture, history…I’m getting all goosebumpy to know I was standing in a PALACE where royalty once lived 200+ years ago. I love learning and staring at pieces that took a genius with such little technology to create such grandeur beauty (despite it costing conquering other lands and stealing their riches, but that’s another lesson). Here you’ll see the gilded world of the rich (and headless). With 2000 rooms and rooms for people to wait in to go into the next room to wait just to talk to the king, or come back and wait some more. This place was amazing! I love me a guided tour. Tell me ALLLLL the facts. This is why I love to travel and see the world and what has been created hundreds and even thousands of years old and still around. I hope y’all can enjoy this beauty, color, and light in a world full of dark, ugly and negativity. #Versailles #Royalty #Beauty #AllGoldEverything #ImagineYoRoomHavingTheBestArtOnTheCeiling #SecretPassages #History #FindBeautyInTheAshes #MamaWouldaLovedThis
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