OROCHIMARU ONE-SHOT HER... | Boruto Episode 174 REACTION!! (The Revival of the God Tree)

As Victor's grand scheme is revealed, the Land of Valleys is thrown into chaos. As suprises arise, Konohamaru, Boruto, and Sarada fight back.
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OROCHIMARU ONE-SHOT HER... | Boruto Episode 174 REACTION!! (The Revival of the God Tree) - Boruto English Dub English Sub

0:00 Episode 173 Recap / Intro
0:48 Victor's Plan Begins
1:38 Mugino Saves Konohamaru
2:46 Victor's Employees
3:38 Konohamaru and Mugino Split Up
4:22 Boruto and Sarada Join the Fight
6:04 Evacuation - Deepa Wakes Up
7:00 Victor Explains His Plan
8:12 Boruto and Sarada Face Deepa Once Again
9:20 Orochimaru Obliterates Victor's Assistant
10:46 Standoff
12:26 Episode Thoughts / Outro

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