Origins Of Christianty Fact Or Fiction? Religion Debunked! - Gennaro Angiulo

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#letthetruthbetold Here's a flashback of Gennaro Angiulo in 2006-2007 once he discovered that what he believed in was false.

Gennaro Angiulo is a Detroit Native Music Producer/Artist. Selling millions of units from 1998-2016, he dominated the independent artist scene and became an Urban Legend within the city of Detroit. He has produced for many artists locally & nationally including Proof Of D12, Blade Icewood, Cre Of 702, The Winans Family, Icewear Vezzo, Damedot, Peezy, Al Nuke, Doughboyz Cashout & many more. He launched hundreds of Detroit Artists careers by establishing the largest local artist distribution outlet in the State Of Michigan from 2005-2015. He was mentored by Motown's own Gordy Family & will forever be remembered as 1 of the G.O.A.T. of independent artist/producer's ever.

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This video contains the song, "There They Go" performed & produced by Gennaro Angiulo from the mixtape Salvation" for G.Camp Music Productions.
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