Modern Egypt: Renaissance on The Nile? (Dr. Benny Furst)

Our second pre-Passover virtual visit to Egypt covers the period from when Napoleon conquered the country in 1799 and continues through today. This dynamic era includes the rapid development of Cairo, discovery of the Ben Ezra Geniza, independence from British colonialism, and both war and peace with Israel. Reflecting on the political change of the Arab Spring, we will conclude with the conflict with Ethiopia and Sudan regarding the Grand Renaissance Dam, a new high dam on the Nile River.

Dr. Benny Furst earned his B.A., M.A., and a doctoral degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in political sciences, geography, and urban planning, respectively. A geographer, he worked for many years at the planning division of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, and today he is a teaching fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in the Technion. He is a leading guide in Egypt, teaching about its many-layered history.
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