Michael Jai White: Whoopi Goldberg Getting Suspended for Jewish Comments Pisses Me Off (Part 11)

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In this clip, Michael Jai White talks about the controversial remarks that Whoopi Goldberg made about the discrimination that the Jewish community faces. As a Jewish-American, DJ Vlad shared his thoughts on the matter first, stating that he wasn't entirely bothered by the comments because there is a blurry line between race and religion when it comes to the way that the public views his community. In response, Michael Jai White stated that the backlash against Whoopi Goldberg pissed him off because her words were blown out of proportion by people who were looking for a reason to be offended in the first place.

Lastly, the two talked about the fact that the Golden Globe Award-winning actress changed her name from Karen Johnson to Whoopi Goldberg to honor her Jewish heritage when in fact she doesn't appear to have any Jewish DNA in her bloodline.
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