Mary Shelton - The Mysterious Mistress Of Henry VIII ?

Mary Shelton - The Mysterious Mistress of Henry VIII?

One of England’s most notorious Kings was Henry VIII. The infamous Tudor monarch is mostly known for his 6 wives, and the fact his relationships caused great turbulence across the country. Henry ordered the executions of two of his own wives, and its been estimated that around 70,000 people were executed throughout his kingdom. But Henry also had a number of mistresses, and was known for possibly having illegitimate children. One of these was Henry Fitzroy, the King’s illegitimate son whom Henry showered in titles and gifts. It was even considered that Henry Fitzroy was even possibly considered to have been Henry VIII’s successor when he died, and plans were being drawn up to possibly marry the young boy to strengthen his claim to the throne. However one of Henry’s alleged mistresses is shrouded in mystery.
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